We are conducting 2 separating studies to help us better understand rabbits and advance our medical knowledge.

Calicivirus vaccination reactions are uncommon (especially at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic) but may occur. Each client with a rabbit vaccinated over the coming months will be asked to complete in a questionnaire to help us understand its prevalence and risk factors. This will help us to prevent vaccination reactions, and also give advice to other vets.

E. cuniculi is a parasite which is known to be widespread in pet rabbits (both healthy and unhealthy) around the world. A study on its seroprevalence has not been done in Australian pet rabbits, but the parasite is present. The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is starting such a study which includes a questionnaire (s), blood test, and poo test. A small donation of $15 is appreciated to supplement other funding and allow us to run the study. Please call us if you would like to participate in our study.

These are exciting times for the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic and pet rabbits!