Rabbits are really easy to toilet train as they generally are very clean and will toilet in the one area naturally.

 A desexed rabbit will be easier to litter train. Rabbits enjoy eating while they toilet, so this natural behaviour can be used to toilet train them and encourage more hay-eating.


 You will require a few items to help with toilet training:
  • Hay
  • Litter tray
  • Newspaper


Simply line the litter tray with newspaper and fill it thickly with good quality hay.

Wherever your bunny lives, observe which corner the rabbit uses to toilet. Once a rabbit has urinated in an area, it will use this location as its toilet area. Place the litter tray on top of this spot and the bunny will hop in and toilet in the tray instead of the floor.

If you take your bunny away from their enclosure for a run elsewhere, take their litter tray with them. The litter tray is already familiar and scented so you just need to place their litter tray in another corner or against a wall if they are exercising indoors.

If your bunny is allowed free run throughout the house it is recommended to place a litter tray in each room.