For rabbit-loving bookworms, here are some useful books on rabbits and having them as pets.


House Rabbit Handbook: How to Live with an Urban Rabbit, 4th Edition

by M Harriman. Published by Drollery Press 2005.

A great introduction into the world of indoor rabbits.  If you are considering an indoor rabbit in your life this book is a must!


Rabbits for Dummies

by Audrey Pavia. Published by Wiley Publishing Inc 2003. (Technical Editor Susan A. Brown, DVM).

A well set out handbook for those who are only just entering the world of rabbits.  It can be used as a quick read with more detailed notes to refer back to.


The European Rabbit: The History and Biology of a Successful Colonizer

by HV Thompson and CM King. Published by Oxford University Press, 1994

A very indepth book examining the natural history and colonization of the European rabbit. A big read, only for those who find history fascinating.


The Relaxed Rabbit.  Massage for your pet bunny

by Chandra Moira Beal.  Published by iUniverse Inc

For owners first introduced into recovering rabbits or those with long term illnesses, it is a useful guide and easy reference. Many long term bunny owners may already know these massaging techniques.