What does Off labeled use mean? Off labeled use means that the medicine is being used beyond what it has been registered for.

Why? There are limited medications registered for use in rabbits and guinea pigs in Australia. Often this is due to a financial reason or a limited market perceived by the drug company as stringent tests have to be performed before a medication is registered. To allows us to treat for the various diseases we often have to use medication off-label.

In some cases, compounded pharmaceuticals are used if there is no alternative registered veterinary product available.

A decision to place a patient on medication off-labeled is always made based on reading Drug Handbooks, Textbooks and literature papers. The benefit, ‘safety’ and potential side effects of the medication have been considered. Your vet would have discussed with you the potential side effects of the specific medications prescribed.

Always use the medication for your pet only as directed according to the drug label and your veterinary’s instructions.

Each animal is an individual and may respond differently (unexpectedly) to the medication. If there is a decrease in appetite, lethargy or diarrhea, or other concern, STOP the medication and CALL your vet clinic immediately for further instructions.