Care with syringe feeding Critical Care

Oxbow Critical Care is one of the most important therapies in an unwell rabbit or guinea pig and it is an essential component in an owner’s home emergency kit. Syringe feeding critical care is often required in a rabbit or guinea pig that is lethargic and inappetent. However, there are some risks associated with syringe…


Summer Dangers

While Summer brings in sunshine, day trips at the beach and happier tanned faces, it also brings the real risk of heat stress to rabbits and guinea pigs. These little mammals are very sensitive to heat stress. It is not uncommon for outdoor rabbits in the sun to be rushed into the veterinary clinic especially…


Welcome to the New Year at the MRC

Happy New Year (and Happy Chinese New Year) from everyone at the clinic! We are so pleased to welcomed Dr. Louise Pierce and Anthea Woodrow, vet nurse. We are sure they’ll settle in well to the rabbit clinic team. In addition, our second consult room is now in action and proving to be very useful.…


Extended Opening Hours

The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic has had an overwhelming growth period over the past year and has now extended opening hours to include Friday 9am -5pm. We are excited to be offering both consultations and routine surgery on Fridays.

We are also busy planning for a second consult room in the clinic.

Myxomatosis warning

With the warm weather round the corner, mosquitoes are starting to come out to play at dawn and dusk. Mosquitoes spread the deadly Myxomatosis virus between infected rabbits. Myxomatosis is also transmitted between rabbits by fleas, and in close contact aerosol transmission is postulated. There is no cure or legal vaccination at present for Myxomatosis…