An update on our E. cuniculi policy and all the end of year news

As new veterinary studies are published and more information is discovered, the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is updating our medical protocol regarding treating and preventing E. cuniculi.  This parasite can cause diseases to the central nervous system, eyes and kidneys in affected rabbits. We are also excited to announce that our clinic’s three year study on the exposure of pet rabbits to EC has finished, and that approximately 55% of rabbits tested showed antibodies to EC (indicating exposure or infection).  This figure is quite similar to that found in other countries such as England. We are currently collating all the data to further breakdown the rate of exposure and risks and will update you with our findings.

tilty friends

Given the high exposure rate of pet rabbits to EC the clinic is focusing on:

MRC is offering blood testing of all rabbits (over 10 weeks old) for a reduced price of $50 in order to test for exposure to the EC parasite.  These ‘batch’ samples are are posted off monthly to the laboratory.  If individual results are required as soon as possible then earlier postage and normal price is charged

We recommend commencing recently acquired healthy juvenile rabbits on a prophylactic course of Fenbendazole orally once daily for 28 days. In preparation for bunny dating for a bonded pair we recommend protecting healthy rabbits with this same prophylactic course one week prior to the first bunny date and continue for 28 days. A 28 day course has been found to be more effective than the previously advocated nine day course. Strict home hygiene practices should be employed at all times, and raised food dishes, hay rack and use of water bottles rather than bowls may reduce urine contamination and thus oral transmission.

While total elimination of EC is thought to be impossible a 28 day course (not the previous 30 day course) of oral daily Fenbendazole limits the burden of EC.  This parasiticidal treatment may be repeated at six monthly intervals (for 28 days not the previously advocated nine day course) or earlier (at the discretion of the vet) if EC symptoms reappear or condition deteriorates.  Please note that this drug does not reverse the chronic changes that have already taken place.  At present MRC recommends treating rabbits testing positive for EC, rabbits suspected to have EC due to symptoms, or rabbits with EC positive companions with Fenbendazole.

For more information please email the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic for the information sheet on EC.

Hoppy Holidays to all our friends!

The holiday season is in full swing already, the Ferntree Gully clinic is full of Christmas tinsel and Hanukkah candles, and we’re hoping you are all geared up to enjoy the holiday season.  We have a range of treats and toys in stock to fill the stockings of our bunny and guinea pig friends.  Come in to visit to see if we can help you with your holiday shopping!

Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is taking some time off over Christmas and New Year.  We will be open 9am to 2pm on 24 December, and then closed from 25 December through to 4 January.  Monday 4 January is back to normal hours here at the Ferntree Gully clinic

We wish you all a happy and relaxing holiday season and will see you all in the new year for many exciting new projects and adventures in 2016!

We just also want to remind everyone that Australia is not a white Christmas for people or our pets, and that the hot weather can get to our bunny and piggy friends.  Please see our previous summer articles here and here for some of the hazards of the heat, and how to avoid them and have a more pleasant holiday season for everyone!

It’s holiday sale time here at Melbourne Rabbit Clinic!  Our cubes are currently half price ($20 for 16 sides), meaning it’s now super cheap to build your furry friends a new house for the holidays.  Cubes are super versatile building materials for indoor enclosures, check or google search ‘bunny condos’ for inspiration and advice.


Freddy models our clinic cube condo

Also on sale are our Fun Links, brightly coloured plastic links for throwing and shaking, and we have a whole bunch of exciting new Oxbow dried herb mixes in stock (new to Australia!).  Drop in to check out our new ranges!

We are moving, not closing!  If you’ve been around the clinic recently you may have noticed some rental signs up in front of it.  Come January we are moving down the road to a place of our very own.

Our new clinic is only a short drive from where we are now and is located off Dorset Road, on the corner of Alma Avenue and Austin Street.  Stay tuned for more moving news!