Average lifespan: 5-6 years (maximum 8-10 years)

Body weight: depending on breed, males = 900-1200g, females = 700-900g

Sexual maturity reached at: male = 3-4 months, females = 2-3 months

Puberty is at 4-5 weeks old, so separate the boys from the girls at around 3 weeks old

Male guinea pig: boar

Female guinea pig: sow

Juvenile guinea pig: piglets

The sow should be first bred before 6 months of age (before the pelvis fuses) to reduce the risk of birthing difficulties

Breeding is possible all year round, and even as soon as 2-10 hours after giving birth

Length of pregnancy: 59-72 days (average 68 days)

Litter size: 1-13 (usually 2-4)

Birth weight: 70-100g. These are precocious young, born with open eyes and teeth

Weaning is at 21 days old (180g)