To relieve boredom for your guinea pig you need to provide environmental enrichment. Guinea pigs love to play hide and seek.

Other favourite games include digging, chasey, throwing toys, foraging, gnawing and eating.

Safe play toys:
  • cardboard boxes
  • large paper bags
  • empty toilet rolls packed with hay
  • unsprayed branches from apple, lemon trees and dethorned rose branches
  • willow sticks/branches
  • dried out pinecones
  • cat toys
  • hanging parrot toys with mirrors and bells
  • hard plastic baby toys like keys and rattles that can be tossed around
  • stuffed toys
  • bunches of keys
  • untreated seagrass doormats
  • wooden or cane basket tunnels to run through and hide in
  • tunnels and tubes (four inch or larger PVC pipe, elbow joints and T joints)
  • upturned large plant pots
  • clay pipes to run through
  • treats in a large box of shredded newspaper
  • treats in a hollow treat ball
  • and most importantly YOU!