Senior Month- having geriatric pets

GETTING OLDER Caring for the elderly rabbit or guinea pig… So your little furry friend is getting older… As with any older animals, geriatric critters require an increase in hands on care and observation. Rabbits and guinea pigs are very good at hiding any signs of illness and hence it is important to spend plenty…

Free Nurse check ups for geriatric pets

It is Senior month at Melbourne Rabbit Clinic and to celebrate we are offering free Nurse check-up appointments for your pet if it is older than 6 years. Please read the post on “having a geriatric pet” and give our lovely staff a call to take up this amazing opportunity. Also Dr Alice Phan will…

Health update: Flystrike!

With flies being prominent in the warmer and humid season, unwell outside rabbits are at risk of flystrike. Flies are attracted to rabbits with urine scald, faecal scald, weepy eyes and discharging wounds. Flies lay their eggs on the soiled or wet fur and maggots hatch within 12 hours. Maggots can release a form of…

Trialing Monday evenings

We’ve extended Monday opening hours to 8pm. We have more toys for rabbits in the clinic! These include chew toys, throw toys and great cocoons to hide in. We also have a range of gourmet hays available: Oxbow Western Timothy Hay, Botanical Hay, and Orchard Grass Hay which may help entice rabbits and guinea pigs to eat more hay.

Happy New Year!

We’re excited to start 2013 with some good news:

Congratulations to Tim Ruschena and Lauren Sebek on completing their veterinary degree. We will miss them on our nursing team but wish them all the best in their future veterinary careers.

Remember to keep your rabbits and guinea pigs cool during the summer heat.