Desexing both male and female pet rabbits and guinea pigs is important for three big reasons.
  1. To prevent undesired litters and allow for companionship
  2. To reduce territorial and aggressive behaviour and hormonal moods
  3. To prevent serious reproductive disease such as uterine cancer, cystic ovaries and testicular cancer

Boy bunnies can be desexed from four months of age and girl bunnies from six months.  Ideally we like bunnies to weigh over a kilo, but this is sometimes not possible in very tiny breeds. Guinea pigs can be desexed at four to six months of age, ideally with a weight above 700g.

Pre-surgery information

We prefer you to arrive at 8am on the day of surgery. No fasting is required. Please supply a lunch box with your pet’s favourite food. Friends of the patient are encouraged to come (if they are rabbit or guinea pig) free of charge.

When undertaking a surgery, we offer the best care as routine. All our spays and castrations require a pre-anaesthetic check for us to make sure that they are fit and healthy.

Prior to any pre-anaesthetic medications we take a small blood sample to check blood count, protein and urea dipstick. This is a quick check to ensure that there is no underlying illness. We feel this is so important and this blood test is included in the cost of the surgery. This is not an extensive test though and a further check of both renal and liver health can be undertaken with a pre-anaesthetic blood test at a small extra cost.

Also included in all our surgeries are:

    • Catheter placement and surgical fluids (drip). This helps us to maintain a safe anaesthetic and blood pressure
    • Surgical heating devices and warmed recovery cage post surgery. Heat loss during surgery is a problem with our rabbits and guinea pigs as they are small and have fast metabolic rates
    • Monitoring devices such as a pulse oximetry, blood pressure and ECG during surgery
    • A course of pain relief for you to give over the next few days at home
    • Two days of complimentary day stays at the clinic.  Although most rabbits and guinea pigs prefer the comfort of their own homes and it is far less stressful to limit the amount of time away from home they may require extra supportive care and feeding if their recovery is slow. If you are concerned about your pet’s wellbeing and do not have the time for post-surgical nursing we are happy help get them back on their feet
    • Two complimentary post surgery nurse check ups two to four days after surgery to ensure the recovery of your pet (extra medications may cost extra if required)