Exercise & Play

Four hours of free roam exercise daily is recommended for pet rabbits to ensure good gut health and general well being.

This may be outside (but best to avoid dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are out and about, and best in a large mosquito-proof enclosure with no access to toxic garden plants) or inside.

Exercise allows pet rabbits and guinea pigs to express themselves and behave like real rabbits and guinea pigs (digging and chewing and exploring) without causing too much trouble or harm. Creating a playground of tunnels, different levels of height to jump on, digging boxes and hideaway places is lots of fun for both you and your pet. Periodically change the playground and toys around.

Remember that it’s more fun for your pet to play with a companion rabbit or guinea pig (of their own species), or with a human!  Rabbits and guinea pigs without friends often become lonely and stressed.

Digging the carpet, chewing the skirting boards, chewing toys and scratching the couch are all ‘bad habits’ that we wish our bunnies would not have.

However, we need to remember that rabbits in the wild dig burrows and dig for food. They chew sticks and tear up bark and spend their day foraging (often exploring up to two acres from the burrow!)

These wild instincts are not lost in our pet rabbits but we are often unreasonably asking them to suppress these natural tendencies.  Providing them with toys made of edible materials will allow them to express these natural behaviours. You can even be inventive and make a small digging box by filling a tub with soil for bunnies who like to dig. These things will keep their instincts from becoming destructive around the house.