The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is the first and only hospital in Australia to treat rabbits and guinea pigs exclusively.

At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic we have an absolute passion for rabbits and guinea pigs and we delight in their uniqueness. Our friendly team understands and shares in your love for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs. As a small and personal veterinary clinic we are proud to offer high quality veterinary care especially tailored for these wonderful pets.

We hope to be more than just your vet, nurse and receptionist. We hope to be your pet’s extended family.

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NBN ISSUES – Saturday 7 October

The NBN has come and eaten our phones and internet!

oh no!

Please be advised that due to NBN installation issues, Melbourne Rabbit Clinic currently has no phone lines operational, and only one computer connected to our network for organising the clinic and keeping your furry friends medical notes up to date.

While we are open today we ask that you are understanding as we try to juggle this difficult situation while still providing our usual levels of care to our patients.

We are fully booked today and ask that you do not turn up if you do not have an appointment…we really can’t help walk-ins today and they will be putting pressure on our wonderful team!

We hope to be up and running at usual capacity as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding, 
MRC team

Clinic News – Wine and Bloods Night 2017

Melbourne Rabbit Clinic celebrates an evening of getting to know your pet’s blood better

Recently Melbourne Rabbit Clinic has been updating our medical protocols in regards to haematology – the study of our patients’ blood.  With the help of Dr Brad Galgut from ASAP veterinary pathology labs, and the donation of blood from some of our own (less than thrilled) bunnies and piggies, we have been able to photograph a number of normal red and white blood cells to use as references for looking at blood samples under the microscope.  Knowing our normal references allows us to better pick when things are going wrong, and so we held a party to practice getting good at making and reading blood smears.

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Clinic News – Calicivirus Updates October 2016

Further Developments in Vaccination Protocols

Over the last few years there have been some developments in the strains of calicivirus and calicivirus-like viruses in Australia.  Due to the confusing nature of these new viruses and the general lack of information on their prevalence in Australia there has been a large amount of confusion, particularly regarding vaccinations and protective measures for pet rabbits.  In the interest of keeping all of our clients up to date with current information we compiled all known information and recommendations in this article earlier in the year, and have been in consultation with various government and veterinary agencies through the year in order to ensure that our protocols were consistent with providing good immunity and care for our patients.  In recent weeks there have been some changes to the Australian Veterinary Association guidelines…

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Growing Pains – Moving Melbourne Rabbit Clinic

Hello bunny and guinea pig friends!  We apologise for the lack of updates but are now completely moved into our new home at 57 Austin Street, Ferntree Gully.  Our move has been a big adventure and we’ve had a lot of changes in the last six months or so, but for the most part we’re back in full swing.  We don’t yet have a lot of signage, but we’re the orange brick house on the corner of Austin and Alma, so drop in to say hi!

We have finally finished our car park!  You may notice that we now have a hay shed, but we’re not yet quite ready to get in bales of hay at this time.  We are periodically getting in boxes of hay (8kg compressed bales of the same oaten we usually have in bales), if you would like one please call to see if we have any in stock before making the trip down.  If we can’t help you out we recommend contacting your local stock and produce stores to see if they have any bales of oaten hay available.

We will continue to keep you posted with our progress, and we hope to see you all soon (in good health and good circumstances!)

Kids, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs can make great companion animals, however they are not ideal pets for children. Children can be loud and rough in their manner of play and frightening to these small prey species.

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Rabbits are endearing mammals with a reputation for survival against much adversity. They make a unique pet which blossom under loving care tailored to their species-specific needs.

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are charismatic little rodents with a long history of domestication. They are communicative animals who are happy to share their strong opinions with those who are willing to learn their language.

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