The Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is the first and only hospital in Australia to treat rabbits and guinea pigs exclusively.

At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic we have an absolute passion for rabbits and guinea pigs and we delight in their uniqueness. Our friendly team understands and shares in your love for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs. As a small and personal veterinary clinic we are proud to offer high quality veterinary care especially tailored for these wonderful pets.

We hope to be more than just your vet, nurse and receptionist. We hope to be your pet’s extended family.

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Clinic News – Calicivirus Updates

Dispelling the Myths

Calicivirus (Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus, or RHDV) is one of two viruses present in Australia in order to control the wild population of rabbits.  The first strain of RHDV was introduced in the mid-90s from the Czech Republic (this was RHDV1 V351), and since its original introduction has been diversifying and evolving in the wild.  As a result many wild rabbits have immunity to calicivirus, and there are a number of non-disease causing (non-pathogenic) strains, and as such the Australian government is investigating further strains of the virus which may be more effective in controlling wild rabbits.

In Australia we are able to vaccinate against RHDV1 with the CYLAP vaccine, however our vaccination protocols are forever evolving to allow us to use new evidence to provide the best protection from the virus for our patients.  As calicivirus presents as sudden death in rabbits there is often much fear when an apparently healthy rabbit dies, particularly if they had been vaccinated.  In order to prevent fear and worry and enable our clients to make the best decisions for protecting your bunny friends we would like to keep you informed of recent developments in calicivirus in Australia.

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Kids, Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Rabbits and guinea pigs can make great companion animals, however they are not ideal pets for children. Children can be loud and rough in their manner of play and frightening to these small prey species.

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Rabbits are endearing mammals with a reputation for survival against much adversity. They make a unique pet which blossom under loving care tailored to their species-specific needs.

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are charismatic little rodents with a long history of domestication. They are communicative animals who are happy to share their strong opinions with those who are willing to learn their language.

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