Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is excited to announce the release of our Rabbit Clinical Manual.  This manual builds on our previous Emergency Handbook from 2014, and includes and expands on much of our writings designed for veterinary continuing education over in China, Furry Facts articles and educational posters.

The manual is over 260 pages of full colour, extensively referenced writings and diagrams, and we hope for it to be an affordable guide to rabbit medicine and surgery for general practitioners and anyone interested in a starting point to further rabbit management.

The cost of the manual is $50, with $13.50 postage within Australia (international post available for additional postage cost).

Please download this form to order, or contact us at for further information.


Chapters include:

– husbandry
– behaviour
– diet
– husbandry
– clinical procedures and techniques
– haematology
– GIT function and anatomy
– dentistry
– anaesthesia
– neutering and surgical principles
– pain management
– antibiotic selection

– emergency triage
– gastrointestinal ileus and blockage
– supportive care
– liver lobe torsion
– seizures
– dyspnoea
– vestibular disease
– E cuniculi
– otitis
– myiasis
– blood transfusion

and more…