It is important to hold your rabbit securely at all times controlling the forelimbs, the rump and the hindlimbs.

A rabbit that feels safe in your arms will not scratch or bite or struggle to get away. Sometimes it helps to hide the rabbit’s face under your arm or to cover your rabbit’s eyes. Practise picking up your rabbit from a low level on the ground (it us useful to start by sitting with your rabbit on the ground) or practise picking up your rabbit over the couch or bed (for a soft landing if needed).

Using a towel can help to cover your rabbit’s eyes or wrap it tightly (so it feels secure) and protect your arms from your rabbit’s nails.

In some cases you may need to restrain your rabbit to clip their nails, examine their feet or check their back end.  This is best done with two people, so that one can hold the rabbit and the other can clip nails.

Lift your rabbit from the table with one hand supporting their chest between their front legs and the other supporting under their bottom.  Hold them securely with their back to your chest.

Practice this while sitting so that your rabbit becomes used to being held like this and having their feet touched before attempting to trim nails.  If your rabbit struggles or kicks out gently and quickly return them to a horizontal position on a surface so that they feel secure.  You can try again when they are calm.  Reward them when they have behaved calmly to ensure that they associate this position with safety.