It’s time for end of year holidays for all of us at Melbourne Rabbit Clinic

Maurice wishes you all a Hare-y Christmas and a Hoppy New Year!


Just like that, 2016 is drawing to a close!  As always we will be closed over the  Christmas/New Year period; our last open day of the year will be Saturday 24 December, and we’ll be back open for 2017 on Tuesday 3 January.  We’d like to thank all of you for sticking by us through this exciting year of moving and building…we’ve come a long way and still have a way to go, but every day we’re continuing to work towards our perfect clinic.



Amelie and Freddy are disappointed that Bunukkah doesn’t include apples and honey, or at the very least some green herbs!


This year we have some fun treats for anyone looking for stocking fillers for their buns and piggies.  We have been busy making holiday hampers filled with everything your furry friend could want for Christmas…jingly toys, a hay ball, toy carrots, a rabbit-shaped chew and parsley and celery seeds for growing over the summer.  Stop by and pick one up for $10 to get all your Christmas shopping (for your furry relatives at least) done in one go.  We also have a bunch of adorable new ceramic bowl designs, and some exciting new treat blends in stock for the holidays!



The weather has been extremely weird down in Melbourne, and we have seen not only the usual rise in summer illnesses (like heat stroke and fly strike), but also a lot of bunnies with neurological issues and guinea pigs with respiratory problems.  Unfortunately our little friends are not fantastic at handling the up and down weather for such a prolonged period of time, and the stress of adapting can suppress their immune system and cause all sorts of issues, including clinical disease in rabbits who are asymptomatic carriers of the EC parasite.  Please see some of our previous informative newsletters for more information on managing these conditions:

Heat stroke
Fly strike and other parasites

(*please note, while not all neurological abnormalities are EC, we have had a lot of new cases and it is an important condition to rule out in these situations!)



Melbourne Rabbit Clinic and Yarra Ranges Life TV

Recently Melbourne Rabbit Clinic was contacted by Yarra Ranges Life TV in regards to the release of K5 (the government researched strain of Calicivirus).  K5 will be released by a number of community groups across the country early in 2017, and, like RHDV2, is causing some anxiety in rabbit owners in the area.  We touched base with Yarra Ranges Life TV to talk about myths, misconceptions and general information on K5 and the whole Calicivirus family.

Click here to watch the interview!