It’s time to check out those ever-growing smiles

Dental Month at Melbourne Rabbit Clinic has arrived, and is running all through September and to the end of October.  Our little furry friends have constantly growing teeth, and for many bunnies and guinea pigs regular check-ups are important to ensure that they are still growing at the right angles.  Poor (low hay) diet, genetics and tooth root abscesses may lead to dental abnormalities in our small friends, which can cause all sorts of medical complications.  Because of this we think Dental Month is so important that it deserves two months to run!

Please note: there has been some confusion in regards to booking dental checks for bunnies and guinea pigs we have not met.  Unfortunately due to Australian Veterinary licence guidelines we are unable to have our nurses carry out checks on patients we have not seen in the last 6-12 months.  We are happy to offer free dental checks to bunnies and guinea pigs who have seen a vet here in the last 12 months, but unfortunately cannot legally see animals who are not patients or who have not been seen relatively recently by one of our vets.


Dental Month is time for not just our regular dental patients to come in for a check-up, but for any of our bunny or guinea pig patients who have been seen by one of our vets in the last year to have those all-important chompers and grinders looked at.  Dental checks are free (please note that there may be a nominal fee if any further services are required such as a nail trim), and include a general check-up and a full assessment of front and back teeth by one of our fantastic nurses.  If any concerns are noted they will be passed on to the vets, who can work out a dental management plan.

Call us on [03] 9758 9879 to book a time for a free check up today!

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