At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic we endeavour to provide warm and friendly service with high quality veterinary care tailored to our furry herbivore friends.


Our consultations run by appointment only

Please contact us on (03) 9758 8851 and our friendly reception team can organise an appointment for your pet.  Our standard consultations run in 30 minute blocks, allowing us to thoroughly examine your pet, explain any medical conditions and formulate a plan.  We may also recommend further diagnostic tests at this time, and will thoroughly discuss possible treatment plans to allow you to make an informed decision.  If diagnostic tests are going to require more time than the planned consultation block we will discuss the option of having your pet stay for a short time or for the day.

Standard new client consultations also include a diet discussion, faecal float test and nail trim.  Please bring along a poo sample for us to assess.  We also ask that our new clients arrive 10 minutes early to fill out paperwork prior to their appointment.

Melbourne Rabbit Clinic also offers referral consultations for second opinions and involved cases, and can work with your local vet to formulate a management plan and then look after your pet as a team.

Consultations are available Monday to Saturday.


Our clinic has a computed radiography machine which produces excellent quality images of the skull, thorax, abdomen and limbs.

Radiography is a highly valuable diagnostic tool especially when dealing with lumps on the face, and dental diseases, and gastrointestinal issues.

In some cases, sedation is required to obtain good images.


We have an ultrasound machine which gives good information when dealing with intra-abdominal disease, and other diseases.

In some cases, sedation is required.

In-house Pathology

We are able to run general blood tests, urine tests and perform faecal floatation.

We have the essential microscope required for these various tests and basic cytology.

Dental Procedures

We have specialised equipment to perform incisor trims, and undertake molar trims and teeth extractions under general anaesthesia. These include high speed diamond discs and long cutting HP burrs which are used in appropriately sedated or anaesthetised individuals. Often secure restraining of a calm rabbit by a well trained nurse is sufficient for incisor trims.

Never clip the incisor teeth with nail clippers or side cutters! This leads to serious adverse effects and pain.


Our anaesthetic and surgical equipment is specially designed for small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs.  We practice gold-standard sterile surgery and patients are monitored constantly while under anaesthetic.  Our staff are dedicated to researching and developing new techniques to make both our surgery and anaesthetic protocols safer and more comfortable for our patients.

It is clinic policy to provide thorough pain relief in the post-operative period.  We also teach owners how to provide supportive care for their pets and offer free day stays in hospital following surgical procedures to ensure that patients are eating and recovering well.

Intensive Care

Intensive CareIn our hospital we have a paediatric incubator which provides heating for our hypothermic patients. We also have nebuliser machines to help with severe snuffly patients, and a new oxygen pod for the administration of oxygen to patients with breathing problems.

We also have fluid machines for administration of  intravenous fluid therapy (drip therapy).

After House Care

After Hours Care

In intensive cases, we will recommend transfer to an emergency centre for round-the-clock veterinary attention and nursing care.


PharmacyOur pharmacy is well stocked with all the medications routinely required for the veterinary care of rabbits and guinea pigs. There include injectable medications, oral medications, creams and ointments.

We also stock Critical Care, an essential nutritional supplement for inappetant and anorexic rabbits and guinea pigs.


GroomingOur nurses at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic provide grooming services ranging from simple bottom clips to whole body clip. We have extensive experience with Angora and Cashmere rabbits and long haired guinea pigs (like the Texel, Peruvian, Silkyyak, and Coronet breeds) with specialised grooming clippers which are essential for their particular coats.

An initial grooming consultation is required to assess the condition and provide an estimate for the procedure. This consultation includes a general checkup by the veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy for sedation or anaesthesia and determine if there are any underlying medical conditions that need to be addressed.


In-clinic shop

Carrot TreeWe provide a range of good quality feed (Oxbow products such as critical care, pellets, hay etc) and good quality (export-quality) locally sourced oaten hay and chaff.

We also stock a wide variety of grooming products, toys and boredom busters for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs.

Client education

Diet and husbandry advice is provided with every initial consultation with a veterinarian and our team of vets and nurses are happy to help with information on training, toys and and bonding.  At Melbourne Rabbit Clinic we are strongly committed to the education of our clients in order to ensure that your pets are both happy and healthy.