Always CALL beforehand to book in a consultation. Our friendly receptionists and nurses will organise a consultation for you as soon as possible, or as appropriate.

Be sure to use a secure and clean pet CARRIER CAGE or pram when transporting your rabbit or guinea pig to the vet clinic.

Travelling in the car may be stressful for pets. A towel may be useful to cover wire top cages to allow your pet to hide and feel safe. Another towel or blanket on the bottom of the cage will prevent them from slipping, making them feel secure. Keep noise levels down. Place the carrier cage in a secure part of the car in the shade.

Always provide fresh hay and fresh veggies for your pet even during travels to and from the clinic. Water is important after long trips but if placed in the carrier is likely to spill and cause more stress to the animal.  It is a good idea to pack a lunch box of your rabbit or guinea pigs favourite veggies and other usual feed especially if your pet needs to stay in hospital for the day.

Remember that rabbits and guinea pigs are prone to heat stroke. If it is a hot day, ensure that your pet is kept cool.

Bring a sample of fresh faeces (in a snap-lock bag) if necessary.