Are you a new visitor?

Firstly, we would love to have you over at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic!

The first visit at the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic is a special one.
You will be warmly welcomed by our reception staff who will spend some time with you getting your details and filling in a little questionnaire on your pet’s history, diet and housing arrangement. This is very important information and will help us to help you.

This will be followed by a friendly chat with our vet and nurse consulting team.

  • Our vet will carry out a general health check up, dental check up and address any health concerns present. Diagnostic tests and treatment will be recommended as appropriate.
  • Our nurse will then be on hand to give instructions on how to improve your pet’s diet and lifestyle. A correct diet and husbandry is one of the best ways to prevent ill-health and problems. Our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to diet and husbandry. We are always keen to help you improve what you’re doing.


You will also be given a new client show bag with information on the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic, and more-in depth information on the ideal diet, housing, toilet training and other topics for your rabbits and guinea pigs for home reading. This is invaluable!

Please set aside at least 40 minutes for this visit. A lot of information is passed on during this first visit, so please don’t be overwhelmed.

We encourage owners to download and fill out the new client questionnaire, and bring them with you on your first visit. This will save you time prior to your appointment.  Thanks!

Click here to download new client questionnaire